“Spiderman of Paris” drives surge in #metoo as men claim “I would have done the same”

The #metoo movement has been trending across social networks as all men around the world convinced that they would have done the same thing, without hesitation.

@whos_the_man_77: “its all in a days work – I am not sure what all the fuss is about, wouldn’t anyone have scaled 4 balconies. I’m still not sure what took him so long #metoo #mebetter #mehero”

With memes circulating showing images of the Spiderman of Paris with sharers’ faces pasted over Mamoudou Gassama’s own and sporting vitriolic captions such as “doing it again, saving the world from France one toddler at a time!” or “I love the smell of foie gras in the morning!!!”; the movement has once again hit headlines.

“I think it’s important that these things evolve” explains a spokesman for Fathers for Justice-League, “It started as a way of jumping on the band wagon for fair treatment of women and anti harassment, you know, a collective movement saying this happened to me and I am not going to stand for it anymore. Things move on though don’t they? What it has now come to mean is (and I think it is more important than its origins), is it means: we men are all in fact caring individuals who all put themselves at risk for the sake of others without a moments thought. We are selfless and acrobatic in our pursuit of self praise. you know?”

@Iamtheoneandonly_imsocool_themirroristhebestlookingthingintheworld: In a way the medal of honour which the immigrant got was a medal for all of us. I feel really proud to have been a part of it all.