Luckiest man in Pompeii loses head as he wins the local big money lottery

Archeologists have discovered what they now believe to be the luckiest man to have ever lived. Following years of painstaking work to uncover the remains of a skeleton found near a strangely uniform looking boulder, the researchers found in his clenched fist a lottery token carved in stone. Records show that the jackpot at the time of the now famous eruption which devastated the city was confirmed as being worth around 200,000 aurei which after adjusting for inflation would now be equivalent to all of the worlds worth time 5. His numbers match those drawn that afternoon.

“This was one lucky little bast**d.” explains Hawkeye Davidson, an archeologist from UCLA. “not only would he have won the biggest ever win in history or into the future, but from examining his remains we can tell he had recently been struck by lightening – being  decapitated by a massive rock travelling at around half the speed of sound was just a bonus. I mean what are the odds?

It will take the researchers another year or so to excavate the boulder and discover what lies beneath. however, it is highly likely that they will discover a perfectly formed head indicative of a man who owned the most good looking face in all of the known universe, with a full set of teeth.