Arkady Babchenko fools Penn and Teller with death defying “Dead Spy” trick

A hush descends on the audience. Penn and Teller go into deliberations a pained expression on Penn’s face. Have they figured it out? Alyson Hannigan is stalling for time as the master magicians famous for exposing the secrets behind magic wrack their brains to explain how on earth this feat was accomplished.

Penn looks up and straight into Alyson’s eyes. “So gentlemen, did Arkady fool you?”.

“Well, first thing to say – what a performance!”

The audience erupts in agreement. Alyson waits for the cheers and applause to subside.

“Actually, this was really tough for us. I don’t know if you could tell, but we are both unsure, and we both disagree on how he pulled this off. Clearly there are many people in on the trick and our use of media was seamless, smooth and impossible to find fault with.”

“Okay. Well, have you come to view on what you think you are going to say is the key to the trick.” Alyson pushes.

“I think it was the force.”

Teller shakes his head, hand on forehead, clearly indicating his disagreement.

“A force, interesting, interest-”

“No.” Interjects Penn, “Not a force, the Force. There is no other way.”

Teller rolls his eyes.

Arkady laughs a full belly aching laugh. Alyson turns to him and asks “Arkady, did you use The Force?”, stifling a giggle and using air quotes.

“No,” Arkady laughs, “I didn’t use The Force. It was pigs blood, my daughter’s face paint and a clever camera angle.” his thick accent adding to the sense of irony. “I then call my friends and they hack social media to make it thing. And everyone falls for it”, he laughs.

Teller mouths some expletives and the confetti and fireworks tell you all you need to know. Arkady fooled us!