Grayling’s father is packing away the train set until he can learn to play properly

Last night, Chris Grayling’s father stormed into his bedroom and began packing way both tracks and trains. “Its not fair! It wasn’t me! There were circumstances beyond my control!”

“I have had enough of his pathetic excuses, he’s useless. I told him when we bought it for him that he would have to treat it well and look after it properly. That means clean hands, no throwing, no deliberate crashing and that he must ensure he has a clear and workable timetable in place.” Explains dad through gritted teeth. “Last night I had had enough. The sounds coming from upstairs were horrific, it sounded like complete chaos, so throwing my paper to one side, I stomped upstairs to find trains delayed, many of them cancelled, and all of the little passengers on platforms. There was no contingency plan in pace, and the original schedule was a complete work of fiction… drawn in crayon!”

It’s not my fault.” protests Chris. ” I was fine making one train go around and around the circle track, tooting the horn and stopping at the signal each time. But Dad insisted on adding destinations;  two-way single track sections; and managing freight trains along a commuter line. I tried to keep up, but basically I couldn’t do it. In the end I just gave up trying to “provide a service” and just left all of the signals open to see what would happen. It was fun. Then Dad came in, issued me with a “no more sweets” penalty, before taking the “Franchise” away from me. I think I will go and play with the lego once I have managed to unglue the mini Manhattan dad built last summer.”