Theresa requests extension on maths homework but won’t say why

For reasons she won’t share, Theresa has told staff at the local comp she currently attends, (though is shortly to move to a ‘Free School which her parents are setting up’), that the maths paper due by the summer is unlikely to be ready until after the holidays.

The head of Maths at the school is said to have frowned, and looked over the top of his glasses when the request was made, before later turning it into a witty anecdote in the staff room “… so apparently, the rest of the pupils in her group will show up to the next session without an answer paper, and she won’t tell them why!”

David, one of the pupils in the group fumed “its a complete f**king nightmare. I keep putting forward thoughts on the answers, and she keeps on coming back with questions, not just about the practical problem, but about the fundamentals of mathematics and physics like why mass has to equal density times volume?”

There are rumours that members of the group are considering taking over as leader, though all of them are rejecting this notion in public.

The Maths Head confirmed that the problem includes both geometry such as areas and perimeters, as well as basic money calculations like tax and club subscriptions.

Teresa has not yet explained what is causing the delay, but has said that all of the other groups solutions are sh*t and they should aim to take a clear position just like her.